Green 532nm laser pointer – 5mW


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Product specifications:
  • Output wavelength: green light 532nm
  • Output power: 5mw
  • Range: 500 meters
  • Spot diameter: minimum spot diameter ≤ Φ1.0mm; light spot at 15m <Φ18mm
  • Product material: aluminum
  • Battery: 2* 1,5V AAA  (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Body color: black
  • Laser type: 532nm Green
  • Specification function: fixed focus, spot light spot, continuous output, continuous service life > 5000 hours
  • Circuit Control: APC Line
  • Working voltage: DC=3V
  • Starting voltage: DC=2.3V
  • Working current: I<350mA
  • Working temperature: +20 ° C ~ +30 ° C
  • Storage temperature: +10 ° C ~ +40 ° C
  • Dimensions: 14mm × 155mm
Packing including only laser pointer without giftbox.
Tip: If the weather is cold, please put the green laser into your hands before turning on to warm  up. The heat can make the laser start normally.

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