Soshine IFR CR2 rechargeable battery – CR2 3.2V 300mAh LiFePO4


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Main features:

– Resistance.
– No memory effect.
– Built-in over discharge and surge protection circuitry ensures excellent battery life.
– Innovative design, both ends are equipped with nickel-plated stainless steel protective plates, provide impact resistance and effectively protect the battery.
– High energy density, long life battery.
– Good consistency, low self-discharge.

Technical specifications:
LiFePO4 rechargeable battery
Type: IFR CR2
Capacity: 300mAh
Full charging voltage: 3.2V
Charging: standard 150mA, fast 300mA to 3,6V
Maximum continuous discharge: 0.3A, switching off 2.0V
Max. Pulse discharge: 0.9A

Warnings & Tips:

– Never insert the battery reverse

– Never use or keep the battery in a high temperature. It may result in a fire or loss of some functions and shorten the service life. Never throw the battery into water, fire or heating equipment. The suggested temperature for long-term storage is 10 – 45 ℃.
– Never use the battery in a strong static or strong magnetic field, otherwise it will destroy the protective device.
– If the battery leaks into your eyes, rinse your eyes with water and seek medical advice.
– Never damage the battery mechanically with a nail, knife or other tool; waste respectively. Take the faulty battery to a special collection point

Weight: 15 g
Dimensions: 28 * 28 * 14mm

Package includes:

1pcs Soshine IFR CR2 Rechargeable Battery – CR2 3.2V 300mAh LiFePO4

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Weight 15 g


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